Patrick Morgan
Oct 24, 2020

June 9, 2009

I want to write a bit about my experiences regarding P. Yogananda or what I am experiencing as he.

Dream in Trailer, invited to tea. This was sometime about 18 months ago perhaps when PY invited me to have a cup of tea and a chat in a trailer.

At The Swiss Hotel

Experience at first visit May 2009. Tears, fullness of emotion, feeling strong presence of, then owners of hotel said they were followers of P.Y. –sitting down with a glass of water I felt an expansion and transmission of radiant energy through inner space coming out of my head and out of my belly. Farther than I had felt/experienced before or could remember. Felt living presence of, in my intestines, literally moving up the walls and tissues of my inner organs. Felt a goodness and not overwhelmed that was with me and would be there to stabilize me. That part was reassuring as at first I thought oh no another overwhelming inner experience that will take me down a rabbit hole to who knows where. But it was ok, I was ok, just alive in an energetic way that was different but not overwhelming to the body.

Later I wondered if this is what others speak of when mentioning an inner guru or guide. Certainly feels like a friend and that is welcome *

Dawned on me last week that I was living in a home in the desert hills, with a feeling similar to the dream two years ago above.

Patrick Morgan

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