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Dreams 2013

Dream Journal

5/25/13 Dreamt good dream last night between 5 am and 8 am, as I was in an interesting, safe feeling environment of artists in public place with many mini environments I always felt welcome in. Across street was large building I was told had good history of nice people, cooperative and humane philanthropic activity.

5/26/13 Dreamt of being by a small river with friendly acquaintances (none who I know in “real” life) went for a walk but couldn’t find my way back, just kept going into unfamiliar places, higher mountains and then what seemed like an old military base that was being partly used for some other purpose that I did not know. People were friendly but not helpful in any way. This is familiar theme where I keep wandering, like a ghost, without purpose other than trying to find my way back to where I started in the dream or home wherever that is. At least I did not experience trauma or trapped/frozen feeling.

5/27/13 Dreamt about Toby dog! He popped out of a building and jumped up putting his front paws on my shoulders! It felt so good to see and touch him, feeling his love and happiness. Best dream in many months! All too brief but still gave me a good feeling that still lasts into the day.

Also dreamt of Robert Douglas who hung out and we chatted a little bit, nothing bad or abusive happened which was good. Later I saw Mandy in downtown Seattle, we walked around in shops and on the street, later sitting outdoors where a video/performance entertainment event was occurring. We separated and I was walking towards home not sure if I was going to take a bus or walk all the way — some confusion here like not knowing where to get the bus or even how to get home, this is typical pattern of my dreams where I don’t know how to get “home” or even where “home” is in relation to where I am in the dream world.

7/18/13 Dreamt of a deep blue light that surrounded parts of my body and bone structure. It appeared sort of in between dreams and went off and on in an unpredictable rhythm. I could feel a slight electrical charge but it did not hurt. Beautiful color, that deep blue.

7/22/13 Dreamt of a workplace again where I struggled to find purpose. At least this time my “boss” was a man and was not abusive or loading me up with meaningless tasks that I could not achieve. He simply let me be and signaled that I was fine even if just puttering around or shuffling papers. Later “we”, the group from the office went to a restaurant. The waitress talked to the group but was not talking in my direction so I could not hear properly. I asked her to repeat but she just ignored me, that feeling that I am not worthy of communicating with, or invisible.

11/18/13 Dream of Toby dog looking me directly in the eyes, I love that! Eye to eye, soul to soul. Also dreamt of Yosemite and being with a group of good people one of whom suggested I go to a beautiful place he pointed to on a map. I gauged the distance of the walk to be just what I was capable of doing physically.

11/20/13 Dreamt many things but remember Toby dog drove a white, hatchback car (Pinto?) in reverse to find me. He was near but waiting patiently in the back of the car until I walked up a hill and found him there. It was so nice to see him. A lady in a car also followed Toby, concerned about his safety and she waited there patiently until I showed up and could make sure Toby dog was safe.

2/20/14 Dreamt I was being driven around by Dad along with Toby dog who did not look at me but was more attuned to dad. We stopped at a house along a small river that seemed to be for sale. It was a large home with extensive damage due to flooding of some sort. It was nice to see Toby even though he did not interact with me. Maybe he is with Dad in the other realm and they are taking care of each other in some way. At times the house we looked at was by itself and at other times there were other homes in the shady canyon.

May 22, 2014 Dreamt I was at the door to heaven. It was a plain white door and I was holding on to the handle, feeling a sense of weariness and relief, thinking and saying to myself “Finally”. I did not open the door but rather looked back and called to my dog, Lance, waiting for him to join me before we both went in. This looked like the same door I saw Jesus holding open for Toby dog who ran in through the door with his usual smile and happy tail wagging. That dream was a day or two after Toby died in September, 2012.

September 11 2014 Dreamt of Toby dog or rather he just appeared in my inner vision. He seemed large, like 4 feet tall with large eyes looking directly at me (first time in dream vision he looked directly at me) and he seemed extremely healthy and happy. It was such a nice vision.

10/1/14 Dreamt I was at a Lucille Ball benefit for sick people but I was in bed in the back as one of the sick people. She came up to me and gave me a present of a string puppet with large metal balls and a metal penis. Where is Freud when you need him?

10/23/14 Dreamt I was with Jere Fore at a café that morphed into a Secret Buddhist book and sacred text shop. I picked up 3 large books but put 2 back as they were too heavy to carry. I was left with one large white paperback that was normal width but 3 times as long as normal. A woman dressed in white came up to me and pointed 2 fingers at my shoulders, just above my arm pit and said I had a deep cough in this area.

12/25/14 I dreamt I was playing with lions, like in Born Free. One female started playing a bit rough and then Toby dog appeared, same color as the lions and he turned the rough play into gentle play, thus protecting me and diffusing the situation. Good ole Toby dog, I love him so!

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