Patrick Morgan
Oct 24, 2020

Dream Sep 2018

I was walking in the air more like being walked by a force that moved things including a gray haired man in the air at a desk who greeted me with a big smile, like perhaps an ancestor? I felt slightly cautious like I was being called to the principal’s office or had to account to God for my mistakes. I did not recognize the man but he seemed to know me. He reached out to greet me with a handshake.

Just then the alarm went off. I could still feel the dream space I was gently overpowered with a sense of no judgments, where all is forgiven or more like what happened what of no significance and not worth thinking/worrying about at all. He telepathed to me that my new assignment was… I don’t know because of those Earthly alarms, you never can go back to sleep and dream the same dream again.

Love was the pervasive force in that dream space. Material things like bodies and walls existed in partially built dwelling/cages that were in the air. Gravity was not Earthly but safe as a gentle force supported the flow of movements. Emanating from people and objects was a light that merged with the form, or perhaps fashioned the form in a dance of some magnificence.

I remember seeing light bursting out of a man’s head as though it was so powerful that it lifted the head above the eyes to let the light shine out. This came from the walls, ceiling and other forms in the rooms in the sky.

Patrick Morgan

Artist, Animal lover, Agoraphobic, retired Modern Dancer and Finance guy.